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Taking an operational sabbatical

A few months ago, SaaS Operational Tactics was just a project in our heads. We imagined a place where tech founders, operators, and investors alike could gather to build a collective understanding of operational best practices for software companies.

Today, SaaS Operational Tactics celebrates a thriving subscriber base across Twitter and email. We reflect on all of the stimulating discussions we’ve had, covering topics like sales & marketing, product design, and business strategy. It is a true pleasure to engage with our subscribers and share how we think about what’s next in SaaS.

However, as we’ve started writing, the operational opportunities available to us have also grown. We’ve started to get requests to go deeper with our existing client base and internal projects, and that’s something we want to spend more time focusing on. We believe the best way to get better at our own art is through dedicated practice, and that’s why we are going to spend the next little while doing.

In light of this, we are going on an operational sabbatical from SaaS Operational Tactics. This will be the last regularly scheduled post from our team for a while. This doesn’t mean we won’t occasionally publish an article, but the pace will be slower and we’ll only do it if we think something is really really interesting.

We want to thank you for your understanding and continued support across the project and please don’t be strangers. Feel free to reach out to us from time to time and chat about SaaS.

Operationally yours,

The SaaS Operational Tactics Team :)