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Welcome to SaaS Operational Tactics

When I started Wellframe and Khonvo, I found myself inundated with S1 breakdowns and metrics. However, as an entrepreneur, other than showing me that these were amazing businesses, they weren’t useful. In fact, I often found them frustrating. They showed you incredible businesses that were public, but often didn’t tell their stories or how you could get there.

I wanted case studies and operational tactics - the core ideas that would tell me the stories of how these businesses were built, not investment reports around the moats behind these businesses (which I agree, were quite amazing!).

I looked around to see if there were blogs or projects dedicated to companies and the operators building them. When I didn’t find any I liked, I decided to start my own.

I recently launched Causal Engines, a growth studio, which partners with product-led SaaS businesses to grow them and occasionally incubates companies.

I hope this project, which we are about to launch at Causal Engines, will serve as a beacon and an homage to the amazing software companies that have been built, and the operators behind them!

This is the first post by Archit Bhise on the SaaS Operational Tactics project, started by Causal Engines.